Sunday, 28 June 2009

The Box

The box contains a rope, some stickers, some scissors, a tissue packet, some gum, a teddy bear, a shark in a vitrine, cotton wool, magazines on architecture, brochures, holiday snaps, metal rings, freezer bags, horse manure, Liverpool Football Club memorabilia, underwear, an umbrella, a horseshoe, condoms, a rainbow, matted moose hair, French toast, beans, cauliflower, ant spray, headache pills, giant tea tree oil sachets, milk teeth, sheep noses, car spray paint, bulrushes, wire, tomato puree, gothic medicines, indigo parchment, and is stuffed under the bed, with shoes, books, CDs, telephones, cars, buildings, shrines, clothes, coats, daggers, guns, condoms, cum-stuck tissues, banana skins, orange peel, apple cores, trees, weeds, cats, birds, spiders and flies, in a room which is shaped like a box, and contains a bed, a desk, a chair, a sofa, a TV/DVD, a stereo, a computer, a bay window, a net curtain, a pair of curtains, a rail, on which there are clothes, shoes and underwear, books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, posters mostly of naked people, paintings mostly of flat, bold colours, food packaging, paints, brushes, newsprint, white-and-green Waitrose bags, orange Sainsbury’s bags, white, blue and red Tesco bags, yellow Morrisons bags, white-and-blue Boots bags, toiletries especially for hair, fingernails, spider and fly carcasses, bits of loose change and discarded food, dust, mites, mouse shit, candles, cum-stained towels, cum-soaked sheets, a cum-filled mattress, mouse traps, forks, spoons, glasses, spectacles, sunglasses, electric shavers, blunt Bic razors, dead Bic biros, papers, mostly with unsent love-letters written on, papers, for smoking, papers, in which there used to be fish and chips, papers, issued by debt management companies threatening legal action, papers, detailing pay and taxes, leaves, blowing in through the front window from the street in which he lives, with about two hundred other people, some families, some couples, some loners, some old people, some young people, some people not born yet, some dead people not found yet, and some cats, waiting at the door to be fed, and when they are not waiting to be fed, they are sleeping under BMWs, Fords, Volkswagens, Saabs, Volvos, Transit vans, Renault vans, or bushes, or running across the road in fear of a harmless pedestrian.

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