Thursday, 10 February 2011

Trainer Guy

For 12-Pages Issue Three: Windows

22nblk: no, but my conductors fucking stink
tite4u: like rancid bad?
22nblk: give it six months
tite4u: dude can i get my face deep inside ur conductors?
22nblk: the opening is huge so they'd be ideal for pushing right in your face
tite4u: wud u be up forthat?
22nblk: sure. don't know how I'm gonna fit all this into a rape scene though
tite4u: wud u then be up for using some like duct/gaffer tape around em n my head to keep it there?
22nblk: yeah, saw a pic like that recently and it gave me ideas
tite4u: wat ideas it give u dude?
22nblk: taping my shoe to your face and binding you while I do whatever the fuck i want
tite4u: sounds fuckin good to me :) wanna do that to me?
22nblk: yeah i wanna do that to you. there can be nothing more humiliating for a sub than to have his master's shoe glued to his nose and mouth, breathing his foot smell
tite4u: exactly u cud put tape around the opening n face too so i really cudnt breathe nethin other than thru ur conductor taking in ur foot smell, if u wanna, like a gas mask but with ur conductor n sweaty foot smell heh
22nblk: exactly
tite4u: u serious up for that?
22nblk: yes
tite4u: ever wear em barefoot?
22nblk: no i always wear socks
tite4u: cool cud stick ur sweaty sock in my mouth b4 u tape conductor up? so im gagged
22nblk: don't wanna suffocate you, so we might have to install a stop signal
tite4u: thats cool wud be hot to breathe nothin but ur foot smell n all air thru ur conductor
22nblk: cool
tite4u: wat wud u do with the other 1 ?
22nblk: foot fuck u ;-)
tite4u: heh wat u mean?
22nblk: push it in your hole
tite4u: lol ur conductor? no way
22nblk: joking. I dunno.
tite4u: heh u wanna wear a pair as u rape me?
22nblk: sure. what colour are your new dunks?
tite4u: ones i got 2day are black with yellow swoosh n other bits, white sole, hi
22nblk: cool. i want a pair all in black, no other colours, hi of course, low dunks are shit
tite4u: y black?
22nblk: cos they look cool
tite4u: nice can i get u a pair like that if we get on n go regular?
22nblk: that would be cool
tite4u: dude they are on fire
22nblk: to wear with an army surplus jumper & skinny jeans, bomber jacket and cap/beanie. sick
tite4u: fuck man with loose dunks n tongue forward?
22nblk: yeah man, jeans gotta be tucked in to show off the whole hi top
tite4u: shit that wud be a hot as fuck set up. that how u wear ur conductors n reebs?
22nblk: yeah
tite4u: man u r on fire dude :) wanna get u them dunks bad now lol
22nblk: looking at those dunks makes me realise how much I need several new pairs of trainers
tite4u: lol i get that all time. wanna fuck in exchange for new trainers? lol
22nblk: sounds good to me, they normally cost around about what i charge for an hour anyway
tite4u: wat is ur rate dude?
22nblk: £80p/h. Pair of dunks £60. Bargain
tite4u: :) u only do outcalls?
22nblk: usually
tite4u: where inlondon are u?
22nblk: north. i live with four other people so can be difficult to accommodate, particularly if the client is getting raped – my housemates might not understand that
tite4u: heh is cool u travel outta london?
22nblk: yeah, no problem. I just asked for train travel costs to be reimbursed
tite4u: thats cool am in derby here trains go direct from kings x takes bout 2hrs that ok?
22nblk: cool, just say when
tite4u: u cud wear ur conductors here n by time u get here theyll be real hot n sweaty?
22nblk: yep
tite4u: cud u bring other pairs too?
22nblk: can bring reeboks, zx500s & black DMs if you want. Converse too fragile to travel, lol
tite4u: heh those 3 pairs plus ur conductors wud be HOT :) which u wanna wwear as u rape me?
22nblk: black DMs. Conductors only other suitable pair for fucking in. Guys look stupid naked wearing low trainers
tite4u: hah i agree. u wanna wear a pairof mine?
22nblk: Pair of yours would be cool. Could choose whether to cum in them or on you
tite4u: like spunk my dunks up?
22nblk: yeah
tite4u: wud u find that hot?
22nblk: yeah
tite4u: like over it or inside it?
22nblk: inside
tite4u: dont wanna see ur load creamed all over the hitop?
22nblk: if we go regular we can mix it up. you scared of me cumming in your shoe?
tite4u: nah dude wud be hot :) u shoot big loads??
22nblk: yes
tite4u: so wud proper cum up the inside of my dunk? 
22nblk: yeah mate
tite4u: wud u want it left there to soak into em or wipe it out after?
22nblk: keep me inside em
tite4u: mark ur territory ;)
22nblk: you got it mate
tite4u: hey i havent even taken em out the box yet here, u want me to keep em box fresh for u? so u can be first to put em on?
22nblk: cool
tite4u: wanna do that or prefer em just loose n left nearby?
22nblk: you're a patient guy. as soon as i get new trainers i can't wait to get them on my feet. keep them in the box
tite4u: heh well i opened it to check em but not worn em yet - they still got the laces bunched n the cardboard inside em lol that ok?
22nblk: yeah, and i'll lace them up the way i want to wear them while i'm fucking you
tite4u: sounds cool :) wud u sign or tag em?
22nblk: sure
tite4u: whereabouts u wanna do that? permanent marker?
22nblk: permanent marker, somewhere around the heel
tite4u: they are all black tho apart from toe n swoosh, black marker on black ok or u wanna sign the yellow? these are them
22nblk: i'll customise the swoosh
tite4u: with ur name?
22nblk: there's plenty of yellow to be defaced. i'll decide what to write
tite4u: u wanna proper go to town with pen on em or just ur name?
22nblk: i didn't say I was gonna write my name. maybe I'll write yours - my bitch
tite4u: lol ud write "bitch" on me dunks??
22nblk: I could write JOHN'S BITCH
tite4u: lol for real??
22nblk: You wouldn't be able to wear them out would you? You've got lots of other trainers to wear though. You scared of everyone knowing you're JOHN’S BITCH?
tite4u: heh true wud u want me to wear em out tho?
22nblk: I'll let you wear em out with JOHN on the back of each, a john being someone who cruises prostitutes
tite4u: nice make sure everyone knows im a john - like across the back or down the spine?
22nblk: Across the back would look best
tite4u: in big capitals or just little?
22nblk: big
tite4u: cool but that only thing ud do to em?
22nblk: Apart from wank and cum in them and sign them JOHN?
tite4u: yer lol that all?
22nblk: Steal them?
tite4u: ud do that? but they a 10?
22nblk: Sell them
tite4u: with JOHN on them? lol
22nblk: I'd get more than I paid for them, lol
tite4u: lol true, u wanna do that for real?
22nblk: nah, too much hassle. would be funny if someone bought them though
tite4u: lol true true - wud u mark em before u wore em or after uve fucked me in em?
22nblk: maybe i should sign them and put them on your feet while I'm fucking you
tite4u: that cud be hot, label me as a fucking john ?
22nblk: yeah. we haven't talked about what you're gonna wear yet
tite4u: wat do u want me in?
22nblk: dunks and a jock
tite4u: i dont have a jock :(
22nblk: what size are you?
tite4u: med/large
22nblk: maybe i'll make you squeeze into my small jock
tite4u: nice naked just in jock n dunks?
22nblk: do you wear trackies
tite4u: yer got 3 pairs
22nblk: what colours
tite4u: black with white adidas 3 stripe n grey with white adidas 3 stripe and nike grey sweatpants
22nblk: grey trackies are FUCKING HORNY. want you wearing them when we meet
tite4u: no probs :) nethin else?
22nblk: would you describe yourself as a chav?
tite4u: err kinda lol i dress that way a lot
22nblk: do you wear a chain?
tite4u: nope been thinkin of gettin a thick gold or silver 1 tho y?
22nblk: chains look hot with the chav look, always gold
tite4u: want me to get a cheap 1 from like argos or somethin b4 we meet?
22nblk: lol yes, and a sovereign ring
tite4u: heh np - here a question for ya - wat u wnt me wearin wen i pick u up at station?
22nblk: hoodie, trackies, dunks, cap
tite4u: new dunks or 1 of my other pairs?
22nblk: Might be cool to wear the new ones
tite4u: even tho it means u wont get firstwear?
22nblk: Yeah, I wanna take your pristine dunks off you and deface them, like taking your virginity
tite4u: nice :) want me wearing ne underwear or sox wen i meet u at station?
22nblk: no underwear, wanna see your dick moving about in the trackies. Wear white socks
tite4u: nice tuck trackies into sox or trackies inside the dunks?
22nblk: trackies inside socks inside dunks
tite4u: cool :) u into piss?
22nblk: i was wondering whether you might ask me about that
tite4u: haha are ya?
22nblk: it was one of the things i was considering doing to your dunks
tite4u: pissing in em?
22nblk: yep
tite4u: u def shud
22nblk: or over your feet while you were wearing them
tite4u: i had an idea, not sure if ud be up for it tho, wen we meet at station go to toilets n pass u dunks under cubicle n u piss in em both then pass em bk n i wear em or stand at urinal n u just piss then get  it over em - ne good or too risky?
22nblk: are you serious about all this?
tite4u: i am 110% up for all of this dude, are u?
22nblk: Yeah m8, everything
tite4u: sweet as :) cud  usend me those pics of ur in ur reebs n conductors pls dude?
22nblk: either one of those piss ideas would be cool
tite4u: which wud u find more horny?
22nblk: if we went to some dirty, dingy cottage-style toilets somewhere i could just stand at a urinal and piss on your dunks - that would be horny
tite4u: just all over the fronts of em?
22nblk: i could piss all down the front of your trackies too, make it look like you wet yourself. would be humiliating for you
tite4u: u serious?
22nblk: yes
tite4u: wud be v hot n i know some toilets we cud do it at - u proper into humiliation?
22nblk: not especially, but it seems our chemistry's heading in that direction
tite4u: was just thinking u cud tell me to lick some of the piss of the toilet floor after if u wanted to go that far? or not into that?
22nblk: i've done all this before mate, nothing fazes me
tite4u: so ud tell me to lick ur piss off the toilet floor?
22nblk: all around where you were standing. i wouldn't be kissing you after that though
tite4u: heh wud u prefer me not to n for us to kiss or watch me lick tha up?
22nblk: i might want to taste your mouth at some stage, and anyway, we don't have to do everything at the same time. what car do you drive?
tite4u: bmw fella
22nblk: which model?
tite4u: 1 series
22nblk: ever been fucked in it?
tite4u: nope....
22nblk: wanna be?
tite4u: def mate, u lke that?
22nblk: love it
tite4u: fucked in a 1 series b4? heh
22nblk: never fucked in a BMW
tite4u: pop ur cherry den ;) how do u  fuck in a car? it aint biggest place in der world
22nblk: will be hot just trying to find a way, turning your ass over and pulling down your trackies, forcing it in
tite4u: def up for that man :) u wanna do this b4 we go bk to mine?
22nblk: yes
tite4u: so ull fuck me first time in me car?
22nblk: just to taste. i'll ask you to drive somewhere secluded. how tall are you?
tite4u: 5ft10 y?
22nblk: what kind of build?
tite4u: average, not fat, not thin, not defined or nethin. that ok?
22nblk: shouldn't be too much of a problem doing you on the back seat then
tite4u: like me kneeling on back seat lookin out bk window?
22nblk: it won't be that comfortable
tite4u: heh wat u got in mind then?
22nblk: something a bit more forced. just wanna pull down your trackies any way and fuck you
tite4u: u still want me to breathe thru ur conducor n tie me hands in car or not that for car?
22nblk: nah that shit can be saved for your place. you live on your own?
tite4u: nah i share but place is free in day. wud u wanna cum from fuckin in the car or just get ur dick in me n fuk for a bit, then pull out without cummin n go bk to my place?
22nblk: dunno, depends how hot your ass is
tite4u: if u cum in car, want me to eat ur cum outta the rubber after?
22nblk: yeah that would be hot. you're a fucking dirty cunt. nothing's beyond you
tite4u: heh yer i am, is that a prob? 
22nblk: you'd eat my shit if i told you to, wouldn't you?

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